iPuissance 4D

iPuissance 4D 6.05

Play Connect 4 against your PC or over the Internet


  • Easy to play, everyone knows the rules!
  • Play against the computer or another person
  • Support for online games as well!
  • Several types of game included


  • You can't really move the grid in a 3D environment


You probably played Connect Four as a child. Now you have the opportunity to play it again in your computer with iPuissance 4D.

Despìte its misleading name, iPuissance 4D is a three-dimensional version of the popular Connect Four game, where you have to connect at least four dots of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. iPuissance 4D includes a few varieties of the game, each with slightly different rules.

You can play locally against the computer or against another human opponent, or play online against people from all over the world – for which you'll need to create a free user account.

iPuissance 4D is, as you can imagine, very simple to play. It's the kind of game everyone has tried at least once in their lives, and that everyone knows the rules of. It can also get surprisingly addictive!

On the downside, I found the graphics in iPuissance 4D a bit disappointing. The game grid is in 3D, yes, but you can't move it freely around the playing area – just make slight turns.

iPuissance 4D is a digital version of the traditional Connect Four game, with support for online games!

iPuissance 4D


iPuissance 4D 6.05

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